Nail Care Routine

Hey everyone,

Being a nail polish addict I thought it was time to do my nail care routine and the steps I use when I am giving my nails some TLC. I don't always do this routine as it does depend on the amount of time that I have however I will try to do this as much as possible. I did think about putting this into a video however it was going to be very awkward filming it so look out for some pretty pictures that I am going to attach!

Step 1:
I like to firstly go ahead and remove any nail varnish that may be lingering on my nails by using any old nail polish remover that I may have but at this point in time I have been using the Sally Hansen Nail Varnish Remover however I am going to need to buy some more soon. This is literally a standard remover that I found in the supermarket but I usually buy the shop brand cause they all do the same thing right?!

Step 2:
Next will file my nails into shape and at the moment I have been using the Boots Nail Files just because they were cheap and I was in desperate need for some new ones. However I would recommend the Nails Inc ones because they last ages and they really shape your nails nicely.

Step 3:
I will then take the Nails Inc Base Coat in Soho Silk and this is something I have just purchased so I don't really know the results it has had but it claims to 'enhance your nail colour and for the nail varnish to not stain your nails'. I think it's really important to have a base coat because I've found in the past that my nails have gone a yellow colour which none of us want. I find the colour goes on better with a base coat and it is so much easier to apply it.

Step 4: 
Time for a bit of colour and for the purpose of this post I am going to apply the OPI Nail Lacquer in 'Miss Piggy's Big Number' (hmm wonder why I picked that one)? I will be doing  a full blog post on this one soon with close up swatches and everything but I thought you can't have a nail care routine without a splash of colour. 

Step 5: 
This next step does depend on how much time I have and I will sometimes use this product on it's own. I use the Sally Hansen 'Hard As Nails' as my top coat, now I know it's meant to be a strengthener but I really like this as it helps to prevent my nails from breaking. However sometimes I will use this purely on it's own if I have work or want to give my nails a little breather from all the colours I have been applying.

Step 6: 
To be fair this isn't really a step but I wanted to include this product in my routine because I think it has been a saviour for my nails when they were going that horrible yellow colour I mentioned. I use the Collection Nail Bright which is something I used to apply as a base coat but I think every now and again I'm going to apply this to my nails to give them a little treatment.

I hope this has give you an insight into how I care for my nails and maybe I have given you some inspiration for some products you could use.

What products do you use on your nails?

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