Pantene Colour Protect Mask

Hey everyone,

I've never really been one for hair masks because they make my hair really greasy but I feel like the condition of my hair has really changed and it's in need of some TLC. I use a lot of heat on my hair and although I use heat protect sprays I don't think does the job enough and my hair needs a little bit more oomph.

I was hunting down an affordable colour mask when the Pantene Colour Protect one jumped out at me (okay not literally) but seeing as I had coloured hair this one colour be an option. All of the other masks I looked at were for damaged hair and although mine is dry it's not to that extent yet and I like to protect my colour as much as possible. I use this mask once a week for about 2 minutes sometimes more. It's really easy to apply, you just work from the tips up to about mid way through your hair as I don't like to go too far to the roots as I don't want to make my hair greasy. It has a very thick but smooth texture and after using it my hair feels super soft. I find my hair is so much easier to brush and although I haven't noticed a dramatic difference I think this mask does the trick.

Available at Superdrug {£4.69}

Have you tried the Pantene Colour Protect Mask? What masks do you recommend?

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  1. ive used a pantene pro v mask before and it was amazing! it completely saved my hair. i may try out this version as its been a while since i applied one! id love it if youd comment back xx