Simple Light Moisturiser

Hey everyone,

I love discovering new products but it's not often that I re-discover a product. This Simple Light Moisturiser was the first ever moisturiser I tried much like most of the range and I was about 13 when I started using this however as time went by I discovered new products and this was left behind.

Like always I tweeted you lovely beauty bloggers with moisturisers you recommended for Oily Skin and this one happened to be the most popular. I never like putting heavy products on my skin because I don't want to make my oiliness worse. The moisturiser itself is a very light texture and glides onto the skin so well and is the perfect base for a foundation and you don't even need a primer! I use this last thing before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels really hydrated and refreshed. This probably has something to do with my hormones and the changing of my skin but my skin doesn't feel as oily anymore!

Have you tried this Simple Moisturiser?  What Moisturisers do you recommend? 

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