Tanya Burr Lashes: Pretty Lady

Hey everyone,

So if you told me to wear fake eyelashes then I would reply 'never gonna happen' but when I heard that Tanya Burr was bringing out a range I suddenly got interested just because I like supporting fellow Youtubers and Bloggers. I also read a couple of reviews about the lashes and everyone was saying how amazing they are so I finally caved in and picked up a pair.

I went away at the weekend so that was the perfect time to apply them. I went for Pretty Lady because they looked really subtle and natural and I hate the ones that make you look like you have a rat on the end of your lashes. They are also ones that are perfect for everyday so I played it safe and went for these ones. Applying them did take a bit of time because I'm not a pro at it but how I like to do it is grab the lash with some tweezers and apply the glue to the strip. I did have a shaky hand to start so I tried my best to plonk the lash as close my lash line as possible and curl the lash around with the tweezers so that it would sit on my lid. It took a couple of attempts but I FINALLY did it after about 10 minutes and I have to say I kept them on all night and they are by far the best fake eyelashes I have ever tried.

Well done Tanya for being the first make up range to understand a girls struggle with lashes.

Have you tried any of the Tanya Burr Lashes?

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