UPDATE: #BigBlogmasProject2014

Hey everyone,

This is just a quick update of something that is going to be happening on Lipstick and Sparkles in December. This year I've really got into blogging and I've taken it more seriously so I really wanted to get involved in a project this year. I've heard so much about Blogmas and of course we have Vlogmas which is something I won't be doing but this is just as good right?! The project is called #BigBlogmasProject2014 which basically means I blog everyday in December with topics that have been given to me. It was organised by the lovely Cole over at ColeOfTheBall33 so credit to her for putting so much hard work into this fab project.

I just wanted to let you lovely lot know about this project so expect lots of Christmassy posts from me in December!

Are you getting involved in the #BigBlogmasProject2014 this year?

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