A Little Catch Up | #BigBlogmasProject2014

Hey everyone,

So we are over half way through this Christmas project and I have had so much fun doing it. I will admit I have missed a couple of days but that was because I've been busy with Christmas shopping (I'm forgiven right)?

Doing this project has made me realise my love for blogging and how much I love writing posts. I am one that writes a lot about beauty but this project has made me think a little bit more outside the box and experiment with more content. I have also found out how to schedule my posts too which has been so handy because on days that I am working, I am still able to post for you all and not have to worry about it. I feel like I have also progressed more as a writer too because I have experimented with different content so sometimes I've had to write in a different style.

This isn't really relating to Blogmas and this project but I am going to be taking a break from Youtube for a while just because I am going to be very busy in the new year and blog is my priority after all. I want to say thank you to all of you that have taken the time to watch my videos and leave comments at the end; it means a hell of a lot to me. I know that I don't have many subscribers but the fact that just a few people have taken the time to watch my videos is amazing. I'm sure sometime next year I will return to Youtube and make videos but for now I am going to be taking a break.

I know we still have a little bit more of this project left and I am so excited to be posting more Christmassy posts.

Have you been enjoying this #BigBlogmasProject2014 series?


  1. Love this style of post, sometimes chatty posts are the best!
    I've been really enjoying your posts, blogmas must be so much hard work so I think you've done great so far!

    1. Aww I wanna try and do more chatty posts but thank you so much Dayna means a lot that your enjoying them. It can be hard because you have to make sure your blogging everyday but I've really been enjoying it xx