Accessorising My Living Room ft Modani

Hey everyone,

I have decided to put together some of my favourite pieces of furniture from the Modani range. The idea is to have a centre piece in the living room and accessorise it with some smaller pieces it just like you do with an outfit.

So I don't have my own place but a girl can dream right? I am all about modern furniture so I had a lot of fun browsing their website picking out my favourite pieces of furniture. Modani are an American store so unfortunately they only ship within the country but there are plenty more alternatives within the UK and across the world if you do happen to see something you like.

My Centre Piece: White Phantom Sofa
I think having a sofa in a living room is so important, I mean after all it is the place that your going to sit and relax. I love corner sofas just because they add a little bit more to the room and they look really modern and stylish. This sofa looks amazing in the pictures I saw on the website and it's perfect if you don't want lots of seating in your living room, If you like my modern center piece, Modani has an entire modern sofa collection. 

LOVE Pillows:
I think these are pillows are so pretty and they would look gorgeous on this sofa; I love how the black and white work together. Also these are crafted with Swarovski style diamonds which is perfect because I love sparkly things. If you wanted to you could put these on a bed or one of those cute little window seating things.

Mosaik Mirror:
This mirror would look gorgeous over a fireplace or on a feature wall and it can be positioned either landscape or portrait. It has individual silver squares that catch the light when it hits it so I have to have this piece. I think a mirror really helps finish off a room just like a necklace finishes off an outfit!

Barcelo Floor Lamp: 
I have a thing for floor lamps; I just think all living rooms should have them. As much as table lamps look pretty, floor lamps just add that extra touch to a room. This lamp is a whole lot different to other ones I've seen because it has flame inspired lights that adds that extra bit of lighting to your room. This lamp is really carrying on with the whole monochrome feel to my living room wishlist. 

Modern Coffee Table: 
This is the only piece that isn't from the Modani range but after browsing the internet I fell in love with this coffee table. I will admit it is a bit big to be a coffee table but it can be used a centre piece in a home; like being placed in the middle of the living room. I love how this table has storage underneath so it's perfect to store magazines or books on. 

I had so much fun putting together this wishlist and putting together my ideal living room. 

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