Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Hey everyone,

I've always been very wary of Bronzers because lots I've tried have left me looking very orange and muddy but welcome Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Yes I have only just picked this beauty up mainly because it was very expensive and I couldn't justify paying £23.50 for one product. I am so glad that I picked this product up because it's made contouring that whole lot easier. Before I was using Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer which was good but you had to use a lot of product to see a different.

The Hoola Bronzer has a matte finish so is perfect for contouring and it comes in one colour so you don't have to try out loads of shades. It also comes with a small brush which I did use at first but it created a horrible line across my cheekbones so I've decided to stick with my normal contouring brush. The Bronzer is so easy to blend too so if you do apply too much then you can easily rub it in however I would advise to use a little bit because it can come out quite dark. It's also long lasting too and I find it does last throughout the day so I don't have to reapply any of the product.

Have you tired the Benefit Hoola Bronzer?

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