BLOGMAS Day1 | Winter Make Up Essentials

Hey everyone,

So as I mentioned last week I'm doing the #BigBlogmasProject2014 so here is Day 1. I'm going to name each post 'BLOGMAS' just because it's easier and I hate it when bloggers put really long names on their posts.

What a perfect way to start off this project with my Winter Make Up Essentials; being a beauty blogger I thought it would be the perfect way in which you can get to know me a bit better if your new to my blog. There is never a day when I don't go without make up and I have to say I don't really change my make up much from season to season however products like lipstick I like to change a lot.

Essential Number 1: L'Oreal True Match Foundation:
I wouldn't say the product is a massive essential just foundation in general but at the moment I have been enjoying this particular foundation which I have reviewed here. I think its so important to have a decent foundation in the winter because the weather is horrible and your make up is going to come off very easily plus I tend to get red areas from the cold.

Essential Number 2: Revlon Highlighting Palette: 
I have fallen in love with this product over the past couple of weeks and this is the perfect product to give me a pop of colour on my cheeks. I find in the winter time its so pretty to have a nice pop of colour on the cheeks and I usually go for this look over the more bronzed look. Although the Revlon Palette is 'supposed' to be for highlighting your cheekbones I like using it to give me a subtle glow.

Essential Number 3: Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm:
This is an ultimate must have in my make up bag because I get VERY dry lips during the colder season and I hate the feel of chapped lips. This lip balm really moisturises my lips and leaves them feeling really smooth and its the perfect base for applying a bit of lippy. Obviously you don't have to use this product and other I would recommend is the Body Shop Lip Balms (the watermelon is my fave) or Vaseline is another great product (the cocoa butter is the best)!

Essential Number 4: L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Liptsick (Eva's Red):
Now I've talked about this lipstick a lot and I've warn it a lot in my videos but I just can't get enough of it. It's such a lovely festive colour and it always reminds me of the Christmas Season. I think every girl should have red lipstick or dark lipstick in their make up bags. I know what your gonna say 'I can't pull off something so bold' but be exactly that bold...I'm not happy that I took a risk with the darker lipsticks and I'm now addicted!

I hope you enjoyed my first BLOGMAS post and I will speak to you tomorrow.

What are your Winter Beauty Essentials?

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  1. Love the True Match foundation and L'Oreal lipsticks! I don't yet have any of the one from the red collection (need to get some haha) but I have some of the nudes and absolutely love them!!

    I'm also running my first ever beauty giveaway on my blog right now if you fancy taking a look!
    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

    1. I haven't got any of the nude collection yet but they look gorgeous!! Thanks for commenting Lizzie xx