Drink Driving Awareness from Barlow Robbins

Hey everyone,

I was contacted by Barlow Robbins asking me to feature a very big topic; Drink Driving. Now I know this is totally different from all my beauty and fashion posts but I think it's important to know the facts. It's coming up to the festive period *little happy dance* and we're all going to those Christmas parties but are we really thinking about whether we're over the limit or not.

You will probably just get a taxi home from those parties but it's the next morning that's the worst thing. You might think your okay to drive the next morning but most of the time you are still over the limit. Barlow Robbins have put together a small article about the consequences of Drink Driving and what you can do to stop yourself from being in danger.

Obviously have an amazing Christmas and enjoy those parities but just think about your actions before you perform them.

I hope this blog post hasn't been too dull but I really wanted to highlight some of these common issues.

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