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Hey everyone,

I'm not really a Christmas film type of girl and I never sit down and watch one of the old 'classics' like others do. I am the sort of girl who loves a good old happy ending or a comedy but who says Christmas has to be about all the animated stuff.

Favourite Number 1: The Holiday
My all time favourite Christmas film has to be THE HOLIDAY. I can watch this film all throughout the year but last night was one of those times when I really felt in the festive spirit. It's the perfect love story and fairy tale ending that I know a lot of girls would want to come true. It sees 2 women swap houses for Christmas and embarks on a romantic journey between 2 couples; the perfect way to kick off the festive season.

Favourite Number 2: Home Alone 
Okay this is like an all time Christmas classic and I never fail to laugh once or twice (okay through the whole thing) but it's every child's dream (well mine) to have the house to yourself. Not only is he ordering pizza and watching whatever he wants but Kevin must fight off some idiotic burglars too; what a cool adventure for an 8 year old.

Favourite Number 3: Frozen
I know that this is not the traditional Christmas film but it has to be one my favourites just because of the ice cold theme and that's exactly what reminds me of Christmas. It's such a beautiful animated movie about a princess called Elsa who has magic powers that seems to turn everything into ice but time will tell if her sister can save her and their kingdom (I know all of you reading this won't be about 5 so sorry for writing this like you are).

Favourite Number 4: Bridget Jones' Diary
This is just another classic that I can watch all year round and never fails to make me laugh. Girls I know it's our worst fear to end up like poor Bridget with the big knickers and having to iron our hair! So Bridget thinks she will never meet the man of her dreams but along comes Mr Darcy who seems to save the day but they have quite a few obstacles first before they find out if it's true love.

What are your favourite Christmas films?

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