So I've Ombre My Hair...

Hey everyone,

I spend a lot of money on my hair and every 8 weeks I get it highlighted the same 2 colours; a blonde and a chocolate brown. Seeing as it's my 18th birthday (which is today) I thought it was time for a change. I've wanted to ombre my hair for quite a while but it was plucking up the courage to actually do it so when my hairdresser said she could do it BAM I was in.

I've been looking for the perfect colour to go for and I had to be careful as I had short hair so I didn't want it to look like I had roots that needed doing (your know what I mean if you have your hair dyed). I was inspired by Lauren Conrad, Zoella and Khloe Kardashian with their ombre styles and I incorporated them altogether to make my perfect colour. You can find my inspiration board in a blog post I wrote a couple of months ago.

So I went for a chocolate brown for the top of my hair which is the same colour that I already had put in. I went for quite a light blonde on the ends and it was a couple of shades lighter than I usually go for and the 2 colour combinations really worked well together. The brown colour was brushed on like a normal dye and my hairdresser put it in to eyebrow level and the blonde was put in like highlights so foils were used and I looked so funny because I had these foils hanging off my head! When my hair was dried I instantly fell in love with the colour and my hairdresser Jess even curled my hair so it looked even better.

I am someone that won't try the shop dyes because I've had a bad experience and I would rather pay more to know that the colour will come out how I want it.

Have you tried the Ombre effect?