Topshop Lipstick {Hazard}

Hey everyone,

I have become much more experimental with my lipsticks and I've really been liking the more bold red colours this season. I've really wanted to try the Topshop lipsticks but my local store don't seem to stock them but finally I got my hands on one and I really like it.

I only own one red lipstick and I was in the mood for being spontaneous and bold so I picked up Hazard. This shade is a deep burgundy colour and I was quite surprised when I first tried it because it was so dark. However after a couple of applications I have really grown to love the colour because it's a lovely deep wintry colour. I will admit you may need a lip liner because the colour can bleed but I don't usually bother so I'm just extra careful when applying it. The formula isn't anything special and I will admit you will need to apply it throughout the day but it does go on nicely. I love wearing this lipstick when I can't be bothered with my eye make up and want a quick and easy look.

Have you tried any of the Topshop Lipsticks? What shade would you recommend?

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