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Hey everyone,

So I started Blogmas off with my Winter Make Up Essentials  and I now thought I would show you my must haves for skincare. Now I will admit I don't really change up my skincare routine for the winter and I know a lot people say you should but I never really notice a change in my skin as the seasons go on. I'm basically going to share with you my skincare routine and a couple of other products I like to use during this cold season.

Essential Number 1: Body Shop Cleansing Butter
It is no important to have a good cleanser that removes all your make up and that horrible dry skin. At the moment I've been really loving the cleansing balms and butters; basically the ones that involve removing your make up with a muslin cloth just because I find that it really gets red of an excess make up and dead skin cells. I will admit the Body Shop Cleanser isn't my favourite and I do prefer the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but this one does the job.

Essential Number 2: Simple Light Moisturiser
Again this isn't my favourite moisturiser but I do love the consistency of this and how it works into my skin. I think a moisturiser is so important especially if you wear make up because it acts as a great base. During the winter time a lot of peoples' skin can get quite dry so a moisturiser will really hydrate the skin well.

Essential Number 3: Burts Bees Lip Balm
Although I did mention this in my make up essentials post, I just love this lip balm way too much to not mention it again. It really hydrates my lips and leaves them feeling silky soft; oh and it acts as great base for lipstick too.

Essential Number 4: Palmers Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
This lives in my handbag and I LOVE it. I find my hands do get quite dry in the cold weather and this hand cream really moisturises the skin and leaves them feeling silky soft and hydrated. I also like using the Marks and Spencer Cocoa Butter and Vanilla hand cream before I go to bed and that lives on my dressing table.

I have so many other Skincare Essentials but I think I might bore you with them!

What are your Winter Skincare Essentials?

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