California Dreaming

Hey everyone,

I am a California Dreamer and the place just fascinates me even though I haven't been there (a girl can dream right)?! When I saw this top it just screamed me and I love clothing with illustrations of different places. This top is just so casual yet sophisticated and can be worn in so many different ways in so many seasons. I know it's January and the weather is freezing but I love teaming this up with a pair of black jeans, cardigan and a pair of trainers or boots.

The top is very casual fitting so it makes it really comfortable to wear especially if your travelling. It has long sleeves and it's not the long sleeves you might think but in the way that the piece just flows from top to bottom so yes technically it is strapless. It has a lovely round neckline so it's not going to be too revealing and the fabric is super soft. The colour is an off-white shade and the writing is black and grey and I love that monochrome tone.

Are you a California Dreamer?

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  1. such a lovely look!

    from helen at

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  2. Cute outfit! Love the top - I have a California top too and am obsessed with it :)

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // YouTube