How I Stay Organised With My Blog

Hey everyone,

When your not a full time blogger and you have so many different commitments it's hard to stay organised and up to date; I'm still so bad but I've found a few tricks that has helped me over the months especially since I've tried to blog more or less everyday. I feel that organisation is one of the keys to a successful blog and I'm gonna share some of my tips.

Keep a Diary:
For some of us we need to keep a diary whether that's for work commitments or college but I've found planning my blog posts and writing them in a diary has really helped especially if I become stuck on what to post on that particular day. I usually think of an idea and if I think it's good enough to blog about then I will write it in my diary for a particular day. I do go through spell where I sit down and plan a weeks worth of posts so I know that I have material for the coming weeks. My diary is from Clinton Cards and it is so freaking beautiful to write in and it's really spacious so I can write more than one thing for each day. I know some bloggers like to use a filo-fax but I find them too fancy for my liking.

Write Notes:
This is perfect if you have just thought of an idea that you might want to blog about but are not certain so you can start making notes about it until your completely sure. I love to use notebooks for Youtube videos especially my monthly favourites because I usually write down what products I love as I go along. For blogging purposes I like to use a notebook for big topics and ones that I have a lot to talk about, a bit like this one and I'm sitting here with my notebook open. Mine is from Paperchase and it's leopard print with sparkles (very me I know). The pages are lined so it's great for jotting ideas down and it's quite big so you can really pile the ideas down. 

Schedule Your Posts:
This is something I've only just discovered though another blogger and it is sooo helpful. I use blogger to write all my posts on and you are able to schedule your posts for weeks in advance so if you know your busy and won't have time to post then you prayers are answered. I usually write my posts a couple of days in advance and then I will schedule then for a few days later and I usually let them go live at 6pm.

Take Pictures in Advance:
I always find taking pictures the hardest part of running my blog because you have days where lighting is crap #bloggerproblems. I always find that taking lots of pictures in advance helps and if you know your going to review a product or write a style post then take that picture there and then. Taking pictures also helps me with what I'm going to write that day because you have the pictures there for you and it's great for product reviews especially.

What are your tips for staying organised?


  1. I need to become a lot more organised when it comes to blogging, I will definitely (try to) do some of these haha!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // YouTube

  2. Haha it really does help!! Thanks for reading Lizzie x

  3. Great tips! I just started blogging, so I'm constantly looking for new ways to keep on top of things, whether this be posts or making sure everyone gets a reply. x

    1. Thanks for reading Rebecca!! I hope this helps you xx