Kiko Eye Shadow {18}

Hey everyone,

I am quite new to the Kiko range and only came across it a couple of weeks ago. I happened to be shopping and found a Kiko store so as I do I went for a little browse and picked up a couple of goodies; one of them being their eye shadow. I've started to really experiment with my eye shadows but I always come back to the more bronzy tones which is exactly what this one is {Tan Special}

This is from their Colour Sphere collection which are really cute single palettes so they are perfect for taking on the go or if your limited to what you can take. The eye shadow is a baked silk effect so it makes it so easy to blend and they are super easy to blend so they're perfect if your in a rush {which is what I'm like on a daily basis}. The shimmer is to die for and I love how they can be used on they're own or blended with another shadow. According to their website they can be used wet or dry to adjust the intensity so you can create so many different looks with these. The colour I went for it a gorgeous bronze colour that is quite subtle but the shimmer is so beautiful and I love wearing this on an everyday basis.

Have you tried any of the Kiko Sphere Shadows?

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