March Guest Blogging Series

Hey everyone,

Firstly if your a regular reader then you may notice that I have a whole new blog makeover; I've been thinking about doing it for a while but I finally got round to it so thanks to the pipdig team for putting it together. I will be doing a full post on it soon so keep an eye out.

Anyways I thought that I would do something different on Lipstick and Sparkles and introduce a guest blogging series. I've never actually done one of these on my blog though I have written for other bloggers and I had so much fun. I wanted to mix things up a bit and get a little bit more content on here.

My blog is all about fashion, beauty and fitness so if you feel that you could write something that fits into these categories then I would love to hear from you. Now your blog post anything you want like a review, wishlist, OOTD or make up tutorial; I really don't mind. I will be posting 2 guest posts a week but I will let you know when they live on my blog.

On the blog post you can leave any of your social media links like your blog, twitter and facebook so my readers can find you! I would appreciate if you can get your guest blog posts to me by 25th February so I have time to schedule when they go up on my blog.

If you would like to be involved in this series then email me and leave your blog link too!

I hope you do get involved as I love little series like this.


  1. i absolutely love the blog makeover!! pipdig layouts are so nice and clean! id love it if youd comment back xx