My Top Tips for Starting a Blog

Hey everyone,

Lately I have been getting emails and tweets asking about how to start a blog; to be honest there is not right way of going about it, it's just what you choose to do. I'm so overwhelmed that people are coming to me for advice about starting a blog because I mean I'm no 'expert' in the subject but I have learnt quite a lot over the past year of so. Lipstick and Sparkles has been going for about 18 months now and I've had such an amazing time joining such an amazing community and learning so much. I thought it would be the perfect time for me to start sharing my tips and tricks on starting a blog or those of you who want a bit more inspiration.

Picking your blog name:
I had no idea what to call my blog when I was first starting out and I first called it 'ItsChlo' which was so unoriginal and boring so I then changed it to Lipstick and Sparkles and I know your going to think that it's not very creative but it really does sum me up; I LOVE lipsticks and sparkly items. I always think that picking your blog name is important because its the first thing that people come across before reading your posts and I always think that it sums you up in a nutshell!

The Content:
Okay so this is going to be what you decide to write about but I think you need to decide what your blog is going to be about. Mine for example is all about Beauty, Fashion and Fitness however I do include lifestyle posts in too! I also believe that you should write about the subjects that interest you so if your someone who hates fitness then you don't want to write about how you love going to the gym and this will reflect in your writing. I write about beauty a lot because it's something that really interests me and it's my passion; I find that this really reflects in my writing.

This is something I have to perfect yet because I'm not someone who is great at taking pictures. There is nothing worse than dull boring pictures. Bright pictures really attract me to a blog and to read a post so try to make them as bright as possible. I like to try and catch as much as the natural light as possible and I try to place them so that their against an interesting background. If I'm shooting a product like a Lipstick then I will place it on top of a magazine or a pretty book just so it makes it look a little bit more interesting.

Social Media:
Getting your blog established doesn't come over night and it does take a lot of hard work. Social Media is the perfect way for your blog to get more of a following and this is a major way that lots of bloggers connect with others. Twitter is the main platform that I use and it has proved to be very effective. I like to use the blogger tags like #bbloggers #fbloggers to get involved with fellow bloggers and promote my blog more. Also Instagram and Facebook have proven effective too and these are great ways to get involved with other bloggers.

What are your tips and tricks for starting a blog? 


  1. such a great post... i think photography is so important! i decide instantly whether i like a blog or not based on the photography. id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you Amy; I totally agree with you x

  2. lovely post dear
    i am your new follower, please follow back