Max Factor Creme Puff Blush {Lovely Pink}

Hey everyone,

I do love a dupe and when I was reading Lily Pebbles Blog last week she mentioned that the Max Factor Blush was the perfect dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette and considering the price I was so there. 

I am quite fussy with my blushers as they can't be too bright and pigmented but this one is perfect. The blushers come in 6 different shades so their perfect for all skin tones. I went for Lovely Pink which is one that is perfect for fair skin. The blushers are very buildable so you can build up the coverage that suit you. The description says that they are pigmented but I would disagree which for me is perfected because I hate pigmented blushers anyways. The blushers are really natural and aren't too over the top and I just love the glow that it gives the skin. 

Price point wise; they are so much cheaper than the Hourglass blushers so it is a win win situation right here. 

Have you tried any of the Max Factor Blushers?


  1. Such a beautiful colour and great price!

    1. It is such a gorgeous colour on the skin!! Recommend it so much. Thanks for reading Lizzie x