My Bold Statement Lipsticks

Hey everyone,

Over the past year or so I have loved experimenting with bold lipstick shades. Now I know it can be scary wearing bright colours but you just have to find the right shade that suits you. I suit the more darker reds because the brighter ones make me look a little bit cheap. However I seem to suit the brighter pinks which is probably my favourite to wear. I have picked out 4 of my favourite bold lipstick shades that I would recommend trying whether your new to make up or consider yourself to be a bit of an expert!

MAC {Girl About Town} You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick however I usually stick to the nude shades however I picked out this shade which I've read a lot about. It's the perfect bright pink shade for that night out with the girls or one if your looking to make your make up look a little bit more finished.

Bourjois Rouge Edition {Ole Flamingo} This has far become one of my favourites in my collection and the fact that it's a drugstore pick makes it even better. This colour is bright and very much fun that adds that little bit more glam to any outfit. I can safely say that this lipstick lasts the longest out of any one in my collection.

L'Oreal Colour Exclusive {Eva's Red} Finding the perfect red lipstick can be hard but I was so happy when I found this shade. It's very much my perfect shade and I always feel sophisticated when I wear it because it adds that extra bit of glam to my outfit. This shade is quite a deep red shade but like I said this is the option that I most suit.

Charlotte Tilbury {Coachella Coral} This has to be the most beautiful lipstick that I own and is probably the most subtle shade out of this post (not that I was aiming for it to be). This is such a gorgeous coral shade for those of you who aren't quite confident with the bright pink and oranges. This is one that can easily be worn everyday or on any night out where you quite a dramatic eye make up look.

What's your go to bold lipstick shade? Have you tried any of the lipsticks I've mentioned?

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