New Blog Makeover by Pipdig

Hey everyone,

Now you might have noticed my blog has had a little makeover in the past week or 2 but if your a new reader then you wouldn't have realised.

For the past 18 months since Lipstick and Sparkles launched I have used a simple blogger template which has done me the world of good and I have adapted it to my taste. However as my blog has started growing and I've taken it more seriously I have found that I wanted it to look a bit more professional so I decided to call the experts *cue pipdig*

I decided to go for pipdig because they have designed some gorgeous blogs who I read a lot including Inthefrow and Glambeautys so they have become very popular. I know there are some amazing blogger designers out there but pipdig's templates really caught my eye. Now they have 3 options that you can choose from; Premade Templates, Custom Designs, and Semi Custom Designs so this does depend on what you want and what you've found.

I decided to go for the Premade Templates because I fell in love with Gloss Romantic and it fitted my blog theme perfectly. If there isn't a template that you like or one that you would like to tweak then they provide that service too but it's just a little bit more expensive. I purchased my template and paid via PayPal and within minutes the download pack was sent through to me. I am no technology geek so I asked if the Pipdig team would set it up for me and within about 12 hours it was up and running on my blog. If you do decide you want the template set up then the team will ask you a series of questions just so they are sure of what you want and they will then put that into action for you!

The customer service is fantastic and they are just an email away to answering any of your questions and I love how they set up the template for no extra charge. My template cost £29 however if you do for the custom or semi custom design then it is a little bit more expensive.

I would really recommend using Pipdig for a whole blog makeover and they supply for both blogger and wordpress users so your pretty much sorted!

Have you tried any of the pipdig blogger designs?


  1. I love your template! It's simple and clean! :) I don't have a budget to buy themes yet and I don't have any plans on changing my theme any time soon but I'll probably choose Pipdig too if ever I finally decided to change my blog's theme because I've seen that some of my favorite bloggers, like InTheFrow, use themes from them too. :)

    For now, I'm focusing more on having a simple and cute theme because I'm a sucker for cute stuff and I want to show that to my readers. ♥ I'm glad I found your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

  2. Thank you so much Roxanne; that means a lot. I agree cute templates are the best and I love your blogger theme. Thanks for reading x

  3. Your blog makeover is beautiful! it's nice and bright with colour, I love it. They did a great job. :)