Revlon Lip Butter | Cotton Candy

Hey everyone,

I do love a nude lip and when I looked through my collection I realised I didn't have many pale lipsticks. I've been enjoying the book Love Tanya (which I will be sharing with you real soon) and Tanya recommended the Revlon Lip Butters as a perfect everyday lip so I decided to give them out. 

I always thought that the lipsticks were way to over priced but they are so lovely and moisturising. I love how they glide onto the lips and leaves them silky soft. The colour itself is a really pretty pale pink and I love wearing it on a daily basis because it gives the lips a really pretty sheen. The shape of the lip bullet is perfect for my lips because it fits the shape of mine so no more going over the edges. 

They do some beautiful nude and more bolder colours; so it's perfect for all skin tones and occasions. 

Have you tried any of the Revlon Lip Butters? 


  1. Lovely pictures! I really like the Revlon lip butters, I really shouldn't add more to my collection but it's very tempting!



    1. Thank you Jen; I shouldn't have bought it but I couldn't resist haha x