Start the Day With a 'Pukka' Cup of Tea

Hey everyone,

Now we all know that that I am a MASSIVE tea drinker but with this health kick I thought I would try some herbal tea. I've tried all the fruit teas and they were disgusting however I was introduced to Pukka Tea whilst reading fellow blogger Em Talks blog and she raved about how good they were. Luckily my local health shop did them so after doing a little bit of research I decided to go for the Elegant English Breakfast just because it was the closest to your regular Tetley Tea!

At first I wasn't too sure however after having a couple of cups I was impressed. The taste is very refreshing so perfect for starting your day and they are a lovely pick me up. I tend to change from having them with normal semi skimmed milk to Almond Milk (depending on my mood) however they taste just as good with neither. Pukka Tea contain high quality organic whole leave tea leaves so they are so good for you. They are a wide range of different Teas from detox, cleanse to different fruit teas so your spoilt for choice really.

Have you tried Pukka Teas before? What's your favourite?

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