The Most Beautiful Book | Love Tanya

Hey everyone,

Tanya Burr has become one of my influences in the blogging world and I just adore her videos and her as a person. You may know )or may not know) that she released her debut book Love Tanya last month which is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle book and it really is the most STUNNING book ever.

The book is a semi autobiographical book however it does feature lots of hints and tips from Tanya about various topics. Tanya talks about her life from her childhood to her experience in the blogging and Youtuber world and the book feels so special because it's not one of those predictable books where 'celebrities' just talk about their lives.

There are lots of different topics including beauty and fashion where Tanya shares all her hints and tips to feel truly fabulous from quick and easy make up looks to how to dress for your body shape. She also features a chapter about love where she shares her story of how she met Jim and it is just so sweet and adorable; their relationship is like a fairytale and also the fact that Jim proposed in New York. Tanya also shares how she got into the Youtube and Blogging world so this chapter was particularly helpful for me as this year I am trying to grow my blog more so she shared lots of hints and tips on how to make the most of your blog and Youtube channel.

This book is one I will be keeping for a long time because it's so lovely to look back on especially the baking chapter.

Congratulations on such a stunning book Tanya.

Have you read Love Tanya? What's your favourite chapter?