The Make Up Mistakes

Since using make up I've made some pretty awful mistakes but I've also learnt some amazing tricks to make my make up looking amazing. From the foundation lines to tomato cheeks I thought I would share with you some of my make up mistakes and maybe you could relate to them.

The Foundation Line:
This is one I see a lot and that I've done a lot. So we've all used a foundation that is too dark for us and that makes us look like a doritos but I know a lot of the time we forget to blend in the line between our jaw and face. I like my foundation to look natural but sometimes I do forget to blend in that line and friends have pointed it out...oooops.

Tomato Cheeks:
I love a good blusher and I always hope that it will give me a natural glow however it's not always the case. I've used blushers which are a little bit too bright for me and I haven't judged how I'm going to use so I just slap it on the brush and swipe it over my cheeks but I then look like I've got tomato cheeks!

Orange Bronzer:
Again I love using a bronzer to give me a sunkissed glow however sometimes I use a shade that is a little bit too orange for me. Now that might be because my foundation is a little bit too dark for me but it's also where I've taken the bronzer over my face and I've not blended it properly. Not much of a sunkissed glow now.

Plucking Your Own Eyebrows:
Now this isn't a make up mistake but I had to include this in this posts because it's one mistake I have made. I used to always pluck my own eyebrows until last year when the shape when a little bit funny. I then decided to go to a salon and get them waxed and they looked so much better straight away. I think the perfect brow is so important when getting that flawless make up look so girls and guys I would advise that you don't pluck your brows because they can go awfully wrong.

What are your make up mistakes?

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