Back To The Brunette Life

I've always loved colouring my hair and I get bored very easily. I went Ombre for about a year and loved it but I thought it was time for a change so I decided to go back to my natural(ish) colour brunette. The colour that my hairdresser Jess used was a chocolate tone which I've been using on my roots when I was Ombre.

The colour has warm tones to it and really suits my skin tone. My natural hair colour (if I can remember) is a tad lighter than this shade but I love the tones in it. What I also love is that it doesn't leave my hair really dry like some box dyes do and every time  I wash and dry my hair it's always lovely and glossy.

Maintaining the colour is easy too; I just use a colour based shampoo and conditioner everyday with the odd treatment on my hair every now and again. I probably won't stay this colour forever and I've had a few ideas to put some blonde highlights in the summer time to brighten up my hair. This is a real versatile colour which I know will suit a lot of people who want to go brunette but not really dark that the hair is almost black.

From my experiences with the shop box dyes I know I won't be using them again and I'd rather pay out he money to have my hair professionally coloured.

Chloe x 

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