Malaga 2016

Calahonda Beach
Hi everyone,

I have been awful this past month with keeping in touch with you all. I have been so busy travelling to some amazing places I haven't had time to stop and tell you all about it. I recently went to Malaga, Spain in my with my family for a week and I can honestly say I want to go back already. Malaga is located on the Costa del Sol which is South of Spain and is very popular with British Tourists so it was kinda like being at home in the sun (which I didn't mind at all!) I'm not going to bore you with lots of writing in this post because I love looking at the pictures from people's travels. I stayed in the Dona Lola Resort which was smack bang on the beach so the view was amazing.

The resort was more of a family resort with a lot of younger children but as long as it had sun and a pool I was one happy lady! The resort was full of amazing restaurants and bars including an Argentinian Steak House and lots of Italian places. The resort itself Calahonda had some lovely little quaint bars and restaurants both English and International. The people in Spain were all so friendly and mostly all English speaking. It was lovely to see so many English who had started up their own business out in Spain which were mostly bars.


 Being so near Marbella I had to pay a visit on a couple of occasions. It was about a 30 minute bus ride to the resort and the scenery on the way was amazing. Marbella has 2 elements the old and the more modern part. A lot of people think the town is full of top notch rich people which yes it is but not all over the town. It has it's gorgeous little streets with boutiques and bars around. The restaurants weren't too expensive either and they did delicious tapas dishes. I am already planning my next trip back there; maybe a long weekend away later on in the year?!!

Chloe x 

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