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Hey everyone,

I remember when I got my first make up product and I felt so grown up and a few years down the line I've built up quite a hefty collection; so much that I haven't got any room left in my make up draw!

I thought I would put together a post with all my favourite make up products from the drugstore for all you newbies or if you just want to find some new gems for your collection.

Maybelline Baby Skin:
A primer isn't for everyone and it's always an essential in everyone's make up bag but since introducing it into mine I wouldn't go back. I adore this primer for reducing the pores on my skin and really prepping my skin for my foundation. I find that my foundation goes on so much better now that I have this gem in my collection.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation (Rose Ivory): 
I never hold back in saying that this is my favourite all round drugtsore foundation for coverage and everyday wear. I know lots of beauty bloggers will rave about this and I just love the natural glow that it leaves my skin so if I'm in a real rush in the morning this really does the trick even if I have to leave the concealer out. Also the range of shades is incredible so whatever skin colour you are your be sure to find your shade.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (True Ivory) 
I adore this concealer to really wake my under eyes up especially when I've not had enough sleep the night before. I also love using it to cover up any redness down my nose and on my chin too. I wouldn't say this covers up blemishes because it's not as high coverage as some others but it's such a wonderful highlighting concealer.

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Highlighter: 
Now this isn't just a highligher it is a bronzer too but I thought it was perfect that you have the 2 in 1. The bronzer is perfect for warming up the face and for contouring the cheek bones. This bronzer is super blendable and doesn't leave a horrible streak. The highlighter is super gorgeous too, it leaves a gorgeous glow to the cheekbones and really brings them out when the natural light hits them.

Maxfactor Creme Puff (Lovely Pink):
I don't really use drugstore blushers that much because most of them leave me looking like a tomato. This blush really is a game changer because it's so light and delicate and can be so easily blended. It leaves my skin looking really fresh and gives me a glow to the cheeks.

L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper: 
I love this product to really boost the thickness and volume of my brows. I have quite fair brows and brunette hair so this product gives them a bit more colour and really set them in place. To be honest I like to use this on it's own especially if I'm just going to work or out and about and can't be bothered to sit and fill them in.

Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara: 
I blooming love this mascara and I can't rave about it enough, I use this product everyday and I get so many compliments about how long and volumised my lashes are. I use about 2 coats of this and it instantly opens my eyes and makes me look more awake, I never bother with false lashes and I just turn to this beauty.

L'Oreal Super Liner:
I'm not really an eyeliner fan anymore but when I did use it I always swore by this product. The tip of this liner is really thin so it makes it easier to get close to your lash line to draw the wing. The colour itself is jet black so it doesn't look very faded on the eyes.

Revolution Skimmer Essentials Eye Palette: 
This is such an amazing palette for a newbie or even if your going away and don't want to have to pack loads of eye shadow palettes into your make up bag. These are really pigmented so they stand out on the eye but it doesn't look too glittery. There are so many shades to choose from in this palette from your nudes to your dark smokey colours.

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive: (Juliana's Nude)
I probably have the most lipsticks out of any product in my make up collection and I just adore having so may shades to choose from. The L'Oreal Collection Exclusive range is one of my favourites for rich and creamy moisturising finishes. The shade has become one of my favourite for everyday because it's a gorgeous baby pink colour which leaves the lips with the gorgeous sheen finish.

What are your picks for a drugstore stater kit?

Chloe x 

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