Current Haircare Routine

Hey everyone,

I have never really thought about haircare before just my skin and make up so I thought it was time I stepped up and put together a proper routine with products that work. I used to only use drugstore shampoos which don't get me wrong do work but I wanted a little bit more luxury in my routine.

Percy & Reed Volumising Shampoo:
I have fallen in love with this range and when I found my hair feeling flat so I thought I would turn to a more luxury brand. I did a full review in another post if you want to read more. I use this product on a daily basis and it doesn't leave my hair greasy and it gives it the volume it needs. I like to massage this thoroughly into the roots of the hair which is exactly where I need the most volume.

Percy & Reed Volumising Conditioner:
This is such a gorgeous creamy conditioner which again I use on a daily basis. I use about a twenty pence piece on the ends of  my hair which really nourishes the ends especially because I use a lot of heat on my hair.

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil:
I never like to use oil on my hair usually but this product is perfect for styling my hair. I apply about 2 pumps onto the roots and ends of towel dried hair which I then blow dry. I find it gives volume to the hair and I have no frizz once I've dried it.

Tresemme Heat Protection Spray:
I am a firm believer in heat protection sprays and I use before I apply any heat onto my hair. This is one I picked up in the drugstore and I love Tresemme products which really does the job. I just spray this on the ends of my hair and then apply heat as desired.

CoLAB Dry Shampoo: 
You may or may not know I use this product on a daily basis and I love this for freshening up my hair. I also use this to add a little bit of volume to my hair if I've washed my hair the night before. I spritz this on the roots of my hair before I straightening it.

What products do you use on a daily basis?

Chloe x 

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