Fitness | Current Ab Routine

Hey everyone,

I really enjoy going to the gym and a lot of people that find me crazy for saying that but it's true I find it to be my happy place and I can destress from life! I want to introduce a lot more fitness into my blog as it's one of my passions so it's all about abs abs abs.


100 x sit ups on the gym ball (I like to split this up into 60-40)

10 x sit ups with legs straight on the floor
20 bicycle crunches 

Using a weight of your choice (I use 9 kg):

10 x Sit Ups 
10 x Crunches with pull back (I use the 'pull back' phrase which basically means when your head is on the floor pull your arms back above your head using the weight)
10 x pull backs


Obviously this is just my take on training my abs but you can always mix this up so it suits you.

What's your favourite abs training?

Chloe x


  1. So inspiring. I definitely need to work on my abs!

    corrie |