The Office Make Up

Hey everyone,

I'm forever updating my make up routine and there I rarely wear the same thing everyday but I thought I would put together my perfect office style make up seeing as that is the environment I work in. I like to go for a fresh dewy look but with enough coverage that it's going to last the day. I don't wear eye shadow at work just because I feel it looks a little too much plus I don't have too much time in the mornings. A nude lip to go with my look to make it look that little bit more chic is the perfect way to finish it off.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Vanilla)
L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer
Collection Long Lasting Concealer
L'Oreal True Match Powder
L'Oreal Glam Bronzer 
Topshop Highlighter (Sun Beam)
L'Oreal Volume Million Mascara
Benefit Rockateur Blush
Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss

What's are your favourite everyday make up products?

Chloe x 


  1. Great post Chloe! I love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, it was my go-to for ages! I go for a similar makeup look to you when I'm at work... simple face, no eyeshadow and a nude lip!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Ahhh I love simple!! Thank you for reading babe xx

  2. I love the Lumi Magique & Long Lasting concealer. I use the Rommel Long lasting Foundation and Matte Powder everyday.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. Ooo not tried the long lasting foundation from Rimmel before...need to check it out xx

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