Waxing with Benefit Cosmetics

Hey everyone,

The word 'waxing' can be pretty scary for us ladies and it's something that I have never used until about a year ago. So I'm not going to say I wax everything on my body but I have turned to waxing for my underarms and eyebrows.

Underarm Waxing:
I have suffered with sensitive underarms for years and I've even had to go to my GP to get an antibiotic cream for the rash that occurred. I've used hair removal creams and razors to shave my underarm area but it turned out I was allergic to the creams and the razors left the area feeling super sensitive. I read about waxing and at first was very skeptical because it sounds like its going to HURT like crazy. My first session was pretty painful and my underarms were very sensitive but the next few sessions were absolutely fine and there was just a tiny bit of tingling on the area. The waxing itself doesn't hurt now and I call it a nice pain because you know the results are going to be good. I get a waxing every 3 weeks.

Eyebrow Waxing: 
Benefit are known for their signature eyebrow products especially Gimme Brow which I am a fan of. I've been getting my eyebrows done for the past 2 years and I love the shape of them. I used to do what all us girls do and pluck them the good old tweezers but the girls at Benefit really help me get the shape that I want and even helped get me that famous arch.

What's your view on waxing? Do you prefer it to shaving?

Chloe x 

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