Health | Changing The Little Things In My Diet

We all go through these stages where we try to eat as healthy and clean as possible but then we give up and go back to our unhealthy ways. I find the key to staying on track is changing the little things in my diet to make things more interesting and taste more delicious. I obviously still indulge in chocolate and wine every now and again especially at weekends.

Adding Honey to my Cuppa Tea:I am typical British Girl who LOVES a cuppa tea but having way too many cups a day can get a lot especially when I add either sugar or honey to it so I now add Honey instead. There are so many amazing health benefits with honey which I'm not going to bore you with but it's great for your skin, boosts your immune system and great if you go to the gym a lot (like me)! If your so used to sugar and sweeteners like me then it can take time to ajust your taste buds but after a while you don't notice the difference.

Lemon Infused Water: One of my favourite ways to help me drink more water because let's face it, water can be boring and have no flavour so we tend to drink more sugary drinks. Lemon adds so much more flavour and has so many health benefits. I find by drinking more water I'm not as hungry and it's so good for flushing away all the toxins too.

Almond Milk: Of course we need calcium in our diet, it's part of what makes it balanced but I find working in an office and being a massive tea drinker I drink way too much milk and it can add on the calories. I find almond milk gives a different taste to my tea but I have certainly cut down on adding so much sugar. Also the benefits are so good too with lots of vitamins and calcium packed into it.

What have you changed to make your diet more healthy?

Chloe x 

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