My Go To For Glossy Lips

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been getting back into the lip gloss scene to mix up my make up looks. I used to be obsessed with lip glosses but then they became really sticky so I turned to lipsticks. Recently though I've discovered some amazing brands that are so affordable and like I always I thought I would share them with you.

Benefit Hoola Lipgloss:
Now you might know that I live and swear by the Hoola Bronzer but I've recently discovered it in a lipgloss form so I knew I had to try it. It's a lovely glossy nude shade which applies perfectly on it's own but also on top of any other nude lipsticks too. It's more on the high end scale so if your looking to invest I would consider this gem.

New Look Lip High Shine Lip Glaze 'Muted Berry':
This was featured in my January Favourites and I am obsessed. This is the perfect berry shade for both everyday and gam nights out. The product doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky and I find lasts a lot longer than other products I've tried.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss 'Snog':
I got this in my Secret Santa hamper and I've only recently fallen in love with this. The gloss is the perfect subtle pink shade for everyday use or for those who don't like the bold shades. Again the gloss goes on smoothly and leaves a gorgeous glaze to the lips. The perfect thing about it is it's so cheap!

Tanya Burr 'I Found Nemo'
This has been in my collection for ages and I seem to go back and forth with. Sometimes your see me wearing it everyday and then it will sit in draw for months without any use. This is such an unusual colour with tones of coral and pinks so it's perfect for the Spring Summer months. The consistency at times can be a little sticky but if you prep your lips right it does go on smoothly.

What are your must have lip glosses?

Chloe x 


  1. I love anything hoola, wasn't sure on Tanya Burr's line if it was all just for the hype, but sounds like I need to give it a try! :) xx

    I'm over at, if you fancy a visit :) keep up the good work! - Hannah

  2. Aww Tanya's range is amazing. Thanks for reading babe xx

  3. Oh I love a good lipgloss, they're so easy to apply and wear - perfect for Spring/Summer. I've never tried any New Look or Tanya Burr products, maybe I need to give them a go!

    corrie |

    1. Ahh the Tanya Burr glosses you can't go wrong with. Thanks for reading hun xx

  4. Ooh, I haven't even heard of Hoola lip gloss. Might have to give that a try.
    I absolutely love the Oh My Gloss shades. I have quite a few of those.

    Louisa x