Weekend in Amsterdam

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I went away to Amsterdam for the first time with one of my best friends, Hannah. It's a place that has never been at the top of my list but I love exploring new places.

We was in Amsterdam for 3 full days so we had a lot of time to explore the city and see what all the hype was about. The flight was early in the morning so we arrived at about 11.30 am and getting to the hotel was the first mission. We thought it would be a good idea to get the train to our hotel which we did perfectly fine but we didn't realise how far away our hotel was from the station. I never knew that trams was a main port of transport around the city so we finally managed to find out hotel.

The hotel was modern, light and airy which did the perfect job for the weekend. Our hotel was called The Hampshire Eden which was located right by Dam Square so perfect walking distance to all the bars and restaurants.

The first day seemed to go too quickly but we made sure we did lots of exploring round the small quaint streets and along the beautiful canals. Of course I had to visit some of the shops too and would you believe it, they had a Primark, River Island and Topshop so I was in heaven! The canals were perfect for taking cute Instagram photos and perfect content for my blog. The evening came and we were super tired so we had a lovely meal in a pub round the corner from our hotel and went back to the hotel room and had a girls night in which of course involved wine.

Sunday was the main day where we wanted to explore the city and do lots of the Attractions. After breakfast we headed to Madame Tussaud's which is somewhere I've never been to even in London so it was a great experience for me. I got to take pictures with 'Adele', 'Bob Marley' and of course 'Barack Obama'.

The evening I had the best time, we had a lovely meal in a English Pub (of course) then went to a club for a couple of drinks and a dance. Not going to lie the drinks in the club was pretty expensive so I stuck to the one Vodka and Cranberry. We planned to go the Ice Bar which I was so excited for because it's something I'd never done before. The ticket included 3 free drinks from cocktails to beers. I started with a classic Sex on the Beach then when we went the actual Ice Bar, which may I add was -9.5 degrees! It was FREEZING but I didn't want to waste my free tokens so I decided to have half a lager which was ice cold and the glass had ice all around it.

Monday was our last day and we had a late flight so we did a little bit of shopping in the morning but you know what late night flights are like you just want to go home so your motivation levels are so low. We spent most of our day sitting in the Starbucks which was round the corner from our hotel and I'm not going to lie I could have sat in there forever. I did wish I bought my laptop so I could do some work whilst I was waiting for the flight.

I had such an amazing couple of days in the most beautiful city and I would honestly love to go back.

Have you been to Amsterdam before? 

Chloe x 

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