Herbal Essences Detox Shampoo

Hello everyone,

I've used Herbal Essences for years and they are my favourite drugstore brand for Shampoo but I like to experiment a little so I tried other brands in the meantime. I found out that Herbal Essences were bringing out a new range so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

The range focuses on restoring your hair's natural beauty and helps cleanse and refresh your hair. The Shampoo is gentle enough to use on coloured hair which is perfect for me because I have my hair highlighted on a regular basis. The shampoo itself leave my hair feel fresh and clean with a gorgeous shine to it. When I straighten it my hair is so super soft, I can't stop touching it at times. The one thing I've really noticed is on the second day of not washing it my hair is still soft and not greasy so it has reduced the amount I need to wash it.

The shampoo smells incredible too. I went for White Tea & Mint which is so fresh and invigorating, perfect for those early mornings when you want to feel refreshed and awake.

Have you tried  the detox range?

Chloe x 


  1. I recently picked this up from my local Tesco's for £1 (each). I chose the crimson orange and mint shampoo and conditioner. It's mild enough for every day use but still very nourishing with a strong scent. I really like it.

    Louisa x


    1. I haven't seen that scent. I will have to look out for it x