The Best of Loreal Paris

Loreal Paris has become by far my favourite drugstore brand at the moment. If your on a budget and aren't able to afford the more luxury brands then Loreal is the perfect alternative. I use all sorts of different products from their range from skincare to make up and lately I've fallen in love with their hair care range. I thought I would pick out my favourite products from the range to share with you all.

Hair care:

Colourista Silver Shampoo:
I've gone blonder lately and its been so hard to make sure my colour stays fresh all the time. I've always been skeptical about trying silver shampoo but I swear by it now. This product especially keeps my colour fresh and takes away all the yellow tones from root to the ends . I like to use this twice a week and I leave it in for about 5 minutes and sometimes I do use a hair mask afterwards for that extra treatment. 

I've tried all sorts of shampoos over the years and I used to just go for ones for coloured hair but I realised my hair was lacking moisture from all the bleach and heat I was using. This shampoo in particular really helps restore moisture in my hair. I like to shampoo my hair twice so as this shampoo is so light it doesn't leave my hair greasy or feeling weighed down. 

Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask:
I swear by hair masks especially if you use a lot of bleach or heat on your hair. I find some masks can leave your hair feeling flat but this one if perfect for restoring moisture. I picked this one up on the whim but the fact that it has coconut oil in it really helps to restore and repair my hair from heat damage. I like to apply a hair mask about once a week and leave in for about 5 minutes applying it all over my hair for that perfect treatment. 


Detox Clay Mask: 
I'm not very good at remembering to use a mask and when I do I never know which one is good for my skin. I've discovered this range from In The Frow's channel and I've been using the Detox Clay Mask which is perfect for detoxing the skin from all the impurities and cleanses deep into the pores. I use this once a week maybe twice depending on how bad my skin is and I like to leave it on for about 5 minutes.

Make Up

True Match Foundation:
This is the foundation I always go back to and I use it on a daily basis. I never really repurchase foundations and this one is probably the only one I always restock up on. This product provides a medium coverage and is super blendable which leaves a flawless coverage to the skin. I love the wide range of different shades so it's perfect for any skin shade.

Brow Plumper: 
I am all about a strong brow and I like them to stay in place all day. I've always used the Benefit Gimme Brow but I've recently discovered a more affordable version. I always pencil my eyebrows on first then I use the Brow Plumper to set them in place.

What is your favourite drugstore brand? Have you got any Loreal Paris favourites?


  1. Love this post! I want to try some products from the L'Oreal Elvive collection so I'm glad to have gotten some more input on them! Xx

    1. Thank you hun! I really recommend the collection for affordability and quality xx