5 Things to Help my Wellbeing & Mind

Hello Loves,

Mental Health has become such a massive talking point lately especially with how social media is influencing us as an individual.

Its' not just social media that affects our mental health and wellbeing but it could be our work, relationships, diet or lack of exercise. I thought I would put together a post in ways I feel will help my mind and wellbeing and more relaxed in my life. I feel sometimes I don't switch off and my brain is going into overload thinking about all sorts of things that are going on.

1. Having a more healthier diet  
I know this is easier said than done but I really feel eating more healthier and cutting out the crap helps me feel more better in myself especially in the mornings. I find alcohol plays a massive part in the way I feel. I will sometimes come home from work during the week and have a glass of wine when I don't always need to. I also want to try and increase the amount of fruit and vegetables I put into my diet too especially with the hotter months (or so they say) coming up!

2. Exercise More
This is something I feel I a do a lot anyways. I tend to go to the gym about 3 times a week varying my workouts each time I go. I'm thinking of putting a fitness post together soon too? What do you think? Exercise is known to improve you physical and metal health and I love the adrenaline you get once you finish a work out. I do want to try and get into Pilates again this year so maybe that will be a goal I set.

3. Read Before I go to Sleep:
This is one thing I have learnt this year that is so important. I find reading takes you into another world that's not your own and it's a perfect way to switch off. I've already read a book this year which I hope to share with you soon and I realised how much I've missed reading. I find reading a few pages before bed time really helps me sleep quicker as my brain is switched off from social media and it actually makes me tired.

4: Cut down on Social Media Before Bed:
I am going to hold my hands up now and say I suck at this one. I always go on social media before bed for about 15 minutes and it really puts my brain into overload. I could be reading my book and my phone flashes with a notification and I instantly have to check it. I know building a blog requires social media but I think switching off will really help one in a while.

5: 'Me Time' and Self Care
I am not at the stage of my life where I have children or a house so my responsibilities aren't massive but no matter who you are Me Time is so important. Whether it's just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing for a while, reading a book or a little pamper time it can really help your mind. I used to love doing face masks and painting my nails once a week but I've fallen out of that routine. I'm going to try once a week putting a face and hair mask on sit in the bath and just relax.

I can't guarantee I will stick to all of these all of the time but I am going to certainly try. Maybe I will do an update post in a few months time to see how I'm getting on. I do hope this post has been useful in anyway to help with your mind and wellbeing.

What do you do to help your mind and wellbeing?

Lots of love Chloe x

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