Dear Mum...

Hello Loves,

I didn't know whether to write this blog post as it's something very different for Just Being Chlo but seeing as it's Mother's Day, I thought it was the perfect way to show how much my mum means to me. I mean I know everyday should be a day where we appreciate our Mum's but for some reason Mother's Day we spoil our mums just that little bit more.

I know a lot of people will agree with me, your mum is your best friend and she is a lifelong friend (Well she is for me anyway). We have shared some of the best memories over the years both in my childhood, teenage year and now my adult life.

I'm an only child so I am so lucky that I have a close relationship with both my mum and dad and they are the sorts of people who you can tell anything and they will always support you. My childhood was full of ups and downs especially in the early years. Countless hospital trips, days off of school because I was ill but my mum would always be by my side through the whole thing. I know that's what mums do but I am so grateful for the support I have received from my mum.

I never thought (well actually I kinda knew) that my mum would be my drinking partner! Some people have that boundary with their parents when they don't go on nights out with them but me and my mum go to the pub together, out for dinner together or even sit at home with a glass of wine and gossip!

I have such a special relationship with my mum and she truly is my lifelong best friend. I look into the future and I always say I can't wait for my mum to help me plan my wedding (Josh and I are NOT engaged by the way) and look after my little babies too (also NOT pregnant either).

Mum, thank you so much you do for me and Dad you really are a one in a million.

 What are your plans for Mother's Day?

Lots of love Chloe x 

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