Cosy Girls Night in Guide

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Hello loves,
I love a night in and a girls night in is even better! This can be a night in with your best friends, sisters, cousins, mum or even just yourself for some ‘me’ time. I thought I would share my guide on how I like to spend a girls night in and to make it as relaxing as possible.

The Drinks:
Now depending on how you want to spend your girls night drinks are always a good start. Now for me it wouldn’t be a girls night in without ALCOHOL! Whether that’s wine, Prosecco or my favourite thing of the moment Gin and Tonic. Obviously you don’t have to have alcohol you can make mocktails or even delicious hot chocolates.

The Snacks:
Another important aspect to making that night in even better. The snacks can range from going all out on pizza, Chinese or just nibbles like crisps or chocolate. You don’t even need to have junk food, I like to sometimes just eat fruit like strawberries, banana or grapes. One of my favourite snacks at the moment is rice cakes and peanut butter they are super low in calories too.

Obviously the main part of the night apart from the chit chat is picking the movie. My preference is usually romance or comedy. My go to movies have to be Safe Haven, Bridesmaids, Absolutely Fabulous and The Hangover. I know Netflix has a lot of different genres for you to choose from if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Oh one of my favourite parts of the night is getting cosy with the blankets. If you’ve read my homeware wishlist then I share with you my favourite cosy blanket which is just perfect for a night in. I have also recently discovered B&M’s range of throws which are £5 each and are available in so many different shades.

Face Masks:
Now this can be part of your night in with the girls or just for your own benefit. I love using a face mask as part of a pamper night and I have recently fallen in love with the masks from Superdrug which come in in the sachets. My favourite one at the moment is the Chocolate and Orange. Also the L’Oreal ClayMasks are another one of my favourite too.

My most favourite thing in the world for making the home cosy. I love lighting a candle every night so having one on for a girls night is going to be no different. I recently found the Jo Malone dupes from B&M. They don’t fill the air as might as I would have hoped but they are such good value for money at £3.99 each.

What are your favourite things to do and have on a cosy girls night in?

Lots of love Chloe x

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