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Arm Routine 1

Arm Routine 2

Hello loves,

This is my second post in my fitness series and I’m really enjoying putting these together. You can see my Current Abs Workout here.  I thought I would share with you my current arm workout combination. My arms are the one part of my body I really want to tone up. I am one of those people who go to the gym but no matter what I can’t seem to get my arms that little bit muscly. I follow a lot of the Alice Liveing arm workouts again for toning my arms up but I like to use other techniques I have learnt over the year.

First Combination:
Hammer Curls x10
Shoulder Press with Squat x10
Front Raise & Side Raise x 7 on each side
Laying shoulder press x 15
Bent over lateral raise x10
Second Combination
Laying down Shoulder Press x10
Bicep Curls x15
Bent over lateral raises x 10
Half Kneel Shoulder Press x 10
Tricep Extension x15
I like to use a 5 or 6kg dumbbell for these exercises but remember it depends on your strength and ability so I would recommend speaking to a Personal Trainer or a Staff Member in the Gym. I would like to say I am in no mean an expert in this field and this is just a combination that helps me that I thought I would like to share.
What are your favourite arm exercise combinations?
Lots of love Chloe x

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  1. Ahh! I'm going to give this a try when I'm at the gym tomorrow! I love reading other peoples routines, sometimes I feel like I just get myself caught in a circle doing the same thing every time! So yeah I'll deffo give this a go, so thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Aww thanks for reading lovely. I'm the same I need inspiration sometimes x