How to Stay Organised as a Part Time Blogger

Hello loves,

I know the majority of my audience are Part Time bloggers with a lot of commitments in between so staying organised is difficult at times (I know I can relate). I thought I would share with you my top tips on staying organised with my blog whilst juggling a full time jobs and other commitments. I don't always follow these steps but I found they have made things that little bit easier.

Write Notes/ Invest in a Notebook:
If something looks pretty then I instantly want it so when it comes to notebooks it's no different! I find myself being a little bit more productive if I have a pretty notebook in front of me. Now how this makes you stay more organised you wonder? I find writing down notes/ideas when it comes to my head is such an easy way to stay organised. If I'm out and about and I think of an idea for a blog post then I can just write it down. I usually find my ideas come to mind when I'm at my desk.

Schedule Blog Posts in your Diary:
I always carry a diary with me for both personal and my blog life. I like to write down when I want to publish blog posts and whether I have written, scheduled and taken pictures for them. I usually write down which days I need to take pictures for up coming posts and which days I need to write posts. I find it so helpful to look ahead for what I need to write.

Use Social Media Tools:
I don't always use this but I do find if I have a busy week ahead of me social media tools can be really handy. They allow you to schedule Instagram content, up coming tweets and even pins on Pinterest. This is perfect if you don't have time to share content throughout the day so you can still stay consistent. If you have a chance in the evening to schedule some content then these apps are perfect.

Schedule Posts In Advance 

There is one thing scheduling posts in your diary but actually having them written out in advance is such a handy thing. I used to write posts the day they would go live which for some people really works so they know where they are but I find if I have something last minute that has come up I know that my post is ready to go live. I usually schedule my posts about 2-3 weeks in advance but sometimes I am being but that's not a problem. I use Blogger so there is a tool that allows you to schedule the date and time you want your post to go live.

Write a Daily to Do List/Have an Action Plan:This can almost relate to writing notes or scheduling posts in your diary but I find if I have a daily to do list then I can stay on track in what I need to do. I don't blog every single day as I do have other commitments but when I do I like to have a to do list on everything that I need to at least try and get done. Whether that's Instagram content, tweets or blog posts I find it takes the pressure off that little but if I have things written down.

These are just a few of my tips on how I stay organised as a part time blogger. I hope this has given you some ideas for staying organised.

What are your tips on staying organised as a part time/ full time blogger?

Lots of love Chloe x 

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  2. I love notebooks I don't know what I'd do without them sometimes. I always 'try' to organise and schedule the posts so that I've got one up every sunday and also make sure that there is a mix instead of all beauty then all lifestyle posts - if that makes sense?
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Yeah that does make sense. I do the same- I try to mix it up x

  3. I think my biggest tip is to try and get ahead of yourself with scheduling. So I try to work at least 2 weeks in advance, that way if anything in my real life pops up, I don't worry about not posting on my blog.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes i totally agree. Scheduling is so important x

  4. I loved this! Super helpful 😊