Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion

Hello Loves,

I love a golden tan all year round especially in the summer time but I'm not really a fake tan sort of girl. I don't like how fake tan looks on my legs, on other people's it looks lovely but me I just look like an orange mess! I love using gradual tanning moisturisers, they are so much more easier to apply, I don't need any tanning mits and it moisturises the skin as well. 

This natural bronzing lotion from Palmers has Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E so your skins stays soft and hydrated whilst looking gorgeously glowy. The lotion has a touch of self tanner and Palmer's Cocoa Butter's famous formula and scent so you will be smelling like a holiday all year round. The product builds a subtle tan within a few days so it will leave your skin looking sun kissed.

I like to apply this every other day or every 3 days after a shower to give my skin a light natural tan. I would say to use a body scrub once a week just to get any excess tan off as it can leave streaks on your skin if you have too much build up. 

What are your favourite tanning products to use? 

Lots of love Chloe x 

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