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Hello loves,

Now seeing as my Mini Spring Edit was such a success and a lot of you seemed to love it I thought I would a Summer Edit. I'm going to do it just like my last one so it involves Beauty, Life and Style. There might be 4 posts in this mini series instead of 3 as I had another post idea pop into my head so I thought I would add it in.

This post is going to be based on my Poolside Essentials as I know a lot of you are going on holiday in the next few months. Although Josh and I haven't got anything booked we are hopefully going at the end of September so I will be using these poolside essentials for when I do go away.

Probably the most important product for the poolside is suncream. I like to use SPF 30 all over my body and on my face and I top myself up throughout the day. Now I do use an oil too to get the most out of my skin but I use that over my SPF 30. This is just a cute little travel size from Nivea I like to have in my hang bag during the summer months.

This might not be an essential for everyone but if I'm going to the beach or going for lunch whilst by the pool sometimes I like to freshen up during the day. I change up my deodorant all the time so at the moment I'm using the Sure Invisible {Pure} and this is perfect as it doesn't leave white marks on the underarms so win win!

These are such a necessity on my handbag and to be honest I carry them with me all year round. My sunglasses are prescription anyways as I like to use them when reading and also walking out and about. I find if I don't wear sunglasses then my eyes tend to water a lot from all the squinting! I've had my sunglasses for about 2 years and I brought them from Specsavers as part of the Tommy Hilfiger range.

I could read several books throughout my holiday so having something to read is a must have. I love light-hearted romantic books when I'm away so I recently finished the Sophie Kinsella I've Got Your Number novel and this is exactly the poolside read I like. A full review will be coming soon on the blog.

Anti- Bacterial Hand Gel:
A bit OTT I know but I seriously hate germs especially on my hands and I carry anti back EVERYWHERE with me. I even have one in my car and on my desk at work. Sometimes I use anti-bac gel to just freshen up my hands if they are hot or if I'm going to lunch and I just want to give them a bit of a clean from all the sun cream I've been using.

Beach Towel:
Well this very much a must have in my beach bag but I am the sort of person that likes a pretty looking beach towel so this one with a MASSIVE watermelon on is exactly my style and screams out summer. I brought this from Tesco last summer but they have plenty of new ones this year.

Like deodorant this is not really a must have in everyone's beach bag but again if I want to freshen up when leaving the pool for lunch or taking a walk then a spritz of perfume does the job. This one in particular from New Look is perfect to throw in the bag and it's not too expensive either that I don't want to use it. I also mentioned this one in my June Favourites post too.

Lip Balm:
Finally a little savour for my lips is Vaseline or some sort of lip balm. The sun really dries my skin up so I like to keep them hydrated and soft all day long. I find sometimes Vaseline can go quite soft in the sun but if you keep it in the shade you will be fine. Also the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is another savour for the lips but sadly I ran out of this and haven't repurchased yet.

What are your Poolside Essentials?

Lots of love Chloe x

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  1. I don’t go anywhere without hand sanitiser. I think a book and sunglasses are absolutely essential. I could spend hours just reading by the pool!


    1. Yes I am the same. I love sitting by the pool x