Reflecting on Social Media

Hello loves,

It's been a busy couple of weeks so I've found it hard keeping up with Blog Posts but I've come to realise that it's not a bad thing if I'm going to be taking a step back and maybe not posting 3 times a week like I have been doing for the past couple of months. Also I've been taking a step back from social media- not posting every day on Instagram and it really has made me so much happier and has detoxed my mind. 

I wanted to talk about social media and reflect on it as it has been a massive topic lately both positive and negative. So sit back, relax and get ready for a RAMBLE!!

For me Social Media is such a positive platform, it provides inspiration for decorating the home, outfit ideas and beauty discoveries. I think we forget about the positives of social media as all we hear about is how much it is damaging our mental health and taking over our lives. I am not saying it doesn't do any of those things but it also provides a career for so many people whether that's a blogger, influencer or even a business owner. 

Instagram for example is a platform for so many of us (like me) where we can share our favourite outfits, skincare products or homeware inspiration and for some of us we can call it a career. Also Social Media is amazing for businesses especially if you are starting one up to promote your brand and spread the word. It's not so much about posters or word of mouth it's about reviews on social media like Instagram and Facebook. 

Now obviously I couldn't not touch on the negatives as this is a lot as to what I'm hearing about lately. Social Media can have an affect on some people's mental health especially those who are a bit younger. I do this sometimes and not just on social media but I do compare myself to other people- their outfits, make up or even their figure. This can really have a huge affect on our lives and the fact that Instagram are thinking about getting rid of the like counts might just be the start to changing how we view social media. 

I could carry on for pages but I know I will bore you so I'm going to leave it there. Summing up we have both positives and negatives on social media but take it how you like! 

What are your perceptions on Social Media? 

Lots of love Chloe x 

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