Favourite Summer Hair Styles

Hello loves,

I know it doesn't feel like summer lately with the weather turning grey and wet but I adore summer hair especially the beachy waves. I thought I would share my favourite summer hairstyles (as best as I've done). I will admit the photography isn't like some of the professionals but I wanted to capture my favourite hair styles. 

Beachy Waves:
My favourite hair style no matter what the occasion and they are so easy to create. I like to do mine with the GHD straighteners to create loose waves but I also need to invest in some new hair tongs too (recommendations would be appreciated). I usually do them in 2 different directions to create some texture to the hair. I do find that creating waves look so much better on second day hair as the hair has a little bit more hold to it. 

Low Bun:
Something I've only just got used to doing a little better than when I first started. I've seen this on so many girls and it really stood out for me on Lydia Elise Millen (calling for a tutorial please). Again second day hair works a lot better on this but I start by tying by hair in a low pony tail with an elastic hair tie. Then I will wrap the hair tightly round the hair band and pin it in 2-3 sections with some bobby pins. I usually have all my hair tied back but you can leave some down at the front to create a more casual look. 

Beach Wave Pony Tail:
A hair style that is so quick and easy to do if you're in a rush. I simply tie my hair in a mid pony tail leaving some fridge bits at the side then I will curl my hair in the pony tail to create a textured hair style. I will then curl the bits of my fringe to create a bit more shape to my face. The hair can be curled if it's down but I find it quicker to do it when it's up. 

I like to use the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil to take away any of those fly aways especially when I have a low bun and I want it to be neat. I love using a heat spray when curling my hair and at the moment I'm using the VO5 Heat Protect Spray

What are your favourite hair styles for the summer?

Lots of love Chloe x 

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  1. I love the low bun one... have been doing it a lot lately.


  2. such lovely hair styles sweetie! now that i have real short hair, i'm always experiementing with hair styles! my go-to at the moment is straight & bouncy or half up-half down with a scrunchie! I also love slicking my hair back to a tiny low pony tail!

    tabitha ♥ http://www.latenightsandlattes.co.uk/