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I am back with a new review and it has been a while. I find that a lot of bloggers I follow don’t do these reviews anymore and I think they are so helpful especially when you are buying a product you aren’t too sure about. I am all about the old school blogging game right now!
Anyways, back to the review. Now you all know (I hope) I am trying to up my skincare game and try new products. I am prone to going back to the same products time again and to be honest it’s not a bad thing but I like to see what’s out there.
I recently tried the new Garnier Organic Daily Moisturiser. Garnier have introduced a new Organic range which are made with herbs and essential oils so perfect for those of you who like your more natural products. I was in DESPERATE need of a new moisturiser so I spotted this one and thought I would give it a little whirl after seeing it on Emily Canham’s channel.
My first initial thoughts of the moisturiser was it did really smell organic and herby (if that’s such a thing) but after a while I really did grow to the smell and found it very relaxing and calming.
The actual moisturiser itself I really didn’t get on with. When I first used it I found it was really flaky on my skin especially after I applied my BB cream but I thought that was just my skin getting used to the moisturiser. Well I was WRONG it happened all the time and I found my make up really didn’t look even. I also found my skin was breaking out a lot more too but I thought that was either down to the time of the month or the BB cream I was using but after reading other reviews I realised I wasn’t on my own. I did find it was also drying my skin out too so maybe it’s not the best for combination skin.
I was really gutted that my skin didn’t react to this moisturiser as the idea behind this range is amazing but I am finding that my skin is becoming more dry to I am opting for more gel based products.
What are your thoughts on this moisturiser?
Lots of love Chloe x

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