Fast Forward 9 Months...


Hello everyone,

As the title says lets fast forward 9 months... 

We are in the middle of a pandemic, we have had to adjust to new conditions and I am over Quiz Zoom Nights! 😐

I thought that I would be blogging over lockdown but I've really been enjoying getting outside and having long walks (when the weather was warm and sunny). I did say at the beginning of the year in my 2020 Horizons Post that I wouldn't be having an upload schedule but I didn't think that it would be that long! I was inspired the other day whilst I was working and I realised that I really miss writing and I wanted to get back into blogging so I have renewed my domain name and here I am! 

Lockdown for a lot us involved not seeing my loved ones as much, queueing at every shop that I wanted to enter and dodging everyone in the street trying to keep a social distance. Aside from that I have been adapting working from home, training remotely and attending lots of different webinars. I'm thinking about doing a separate blog post on working from home. 

I think I really learnt that with lots of the shops not being opened I did used to buy a lot that I didn't need and although I am now still going out to local shops and supporting small businesses I have been a lot more savvy with my money. I can honestly say when I found out the local coffee shop had opened for takeaways I was straight down thee ordering my skinny latte! 

During these last few months I have really learnt to appreciate those around me and what I already have (cheesy I know). The fact I was able to sit in the garden in the warm weather, go on walks in my local area and spend quality time with my family (when we was allowed to). 

I'm sure there have been a lot of bloggers and writers talking about their lockdown journey's and I am jumping on that bandwagon. I have been incredibly lucky that I have been able to still work and have a great team around me. I have certainly learnt a lot about myself these last few months and what I can really achieve if I challenge myself. 

I have tons of ideas floating around in brain as to what I can write about so hopefully it won't be too long until my next post. Now the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder, this is the perfect time start doing what I love! 

How have you been these last few months? 

Lots of love Chloe 💋

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