Healthy Pancakes


Hello everyone, 

Happy 2021! Now it might not be the 2021 we imagined but I think some of us saw lockdown 3.0 coming. That means lots more home workouts, running and of course BAKING! I am starting 2021 off with a very healthy start- I'm not saying that I'm going Veganuary or Dry January, just taking a much more healthier approach. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I indulged a lot with prosecco and chocolate over the festive period. 

Now that life has slowed down a lot with lockdown, I want to get back into cooking and creating healthier meals. The first one being Healthy Pancakes. These aren't gluten or vegan pancakes just a lot lower in calories. You can always adjust this recipe using almond, oat or soya milk or using gluten free flour. 

Recipe: I found this recipe on the BBC Good Food website

50g Self Raising Flour
50g Wholemeal Flour
150ml Milk (I used Semi Skimmed)
2 eggs- separated 


Step 1: Sift both flours into a mixing bowl. Add the eggs yolks and then a splash of milk, mixing the ingredients together creating a paste. Pour the rest of the milk into the mixture a little bit at a time creating a batter without any lumps. 

Step 2: Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until they stand in stiff peaks then carefully fold them into the mixture making sure you don't squash out the air. 

Step 3: Heat a non stick pan over medium heat and pour a small amount of batter. I did use a small amount of fry light to make sure the pancakes don't stick to the pan. Cook for about a minute until the bubble begin to pop. Then flip the pancakes over cooking the other side for about 30 seconds.

Step 4: Once you have cooked all the mixture add your favourite toppings to your pancakes. I added a small amount of sugar and berries to mine. You can greek yogurt, honey, fresh lemon or any other healthy topping to yours. Finally ENJOY!😄🥞

Tip: If you are cooking the pancakes one by one, I put the cooked pancakes on an ovenproof dish into a very low heat into the oven so they kept warm. 

Let me know if you do create this recipe! 

What is your favourite healthy pancake recipe? 

Lots of love Chloe 👄

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